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Our fans, whose production and performance tests have been completed for the METU Center for Wind Energy, are ready for installation.

(28 / 05 / 2020)

Maintenance Teknima.jpg

We have completed the maintenance of 1200mm diameter, 45kW power which all made of stainless steel highway tunnel emergency jet fans. We thank our client for choosing us.

(27 / 05 / 2020)

sevkiyat kolaj.jpg

We have completed the manufacturing of 1400mm  diameter and 110kW power fan. We thank our client for choosing us. 

(20 /05 / 2020)


First dry run of one of the six axial fans of the METU RUZGEM Large Scale Wind Tunnel is conducted today at the

Teknima (21 /05 /2020)

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